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We live in a fast paced world, 
we blink and time has passed us by. We blink, our children's faces have changed from the adorable child's face to the teenage face to the young adult they have become. Each stage is beautiful and challenging. If only we could hold on to each of those stages in their lives. to stop time from passing by so quickly. enjoy those stages in their lives a little longer. To pause and to appreciate their existence and the stage of their life they are in. To capture who they are and what their dreams are at that moment of time and preserve that dream, that beautiful moment of time, to look back on someday and smile/have peace. before it all slips away as time has a habit of doing.


A little something about the photographer

Tami Mohs is a Master Photographer and a Certified Professional Photographer with Professional Photographers of America and is also a member of the Indianapolis Professional Photographers Guild. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Moorhead State University, Minnesota, and has continued education in the areas of graphic design and photography. This background has played a key role in winning multiple photography awards and selling fine art photographs in Columbus.

Tami is committed to helping you to create lasting memories of those most precious moments in life that will captivate your heart for years down the road. 

Mohs Photography is based out of Columbus, IN

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